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REGica.NET is an on-line service that allows you to register Internet domains and purchase SSL certificates. Through our service, register your first domain in a very simple and fast way or take advantage of the benefits we offer if you register larger quantities of domains and certificates.

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Web administration of REGica.NET service enables easy management of your domains and SSL certificates, and is an excellent choice for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Intellectual Property Protection providers (IPPs) and web designers that offer full service to their customers. To gain access to the authorized administration portal you need to register for free.

Web administration

EU owners now eligible for .hr!

From now on, the limitations on .hr domains no longer leave out EU - a legal entity located in EU listed in the VIES system can now own up to 10 .hr domains. The OIB number only Croatian entities have is no longer the condition - use your VAT number and secure your brand in the .hr part of the Internet using Regica!

Korisnici besplatnih domena, pazite da ne ostanete bez svoje domene!

CARNet će brisati besplatne domene koje nisu u skladu s pravilnikom.


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