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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

About internet domain registration

  1. What is an Internet domain?

    An Internet domain is the name or electronic address of your Internet presence. An Internet domain allows online users to type it in (i.e. and easily get in touch with you or get more information on the service you provide.

  2. What does domain registration mean?

    Domain registration means that you sign up as user of the selected particular domain. By registering the domain your details are listed as the owner in the central database of all domains and you get to use it for the period of the registration.

  3. Who should register a domain?

    Everyone (whether an individual or an organization) who wants to be present on the Internet. Domain registration doesn't mean you have to place your www pages or activate e-mail - you simply choose the basic name of your Internet presence and make sure no one else can take it from you. Once you're ready to put up your web or start using e-mail this ensures that your domain is ready for you and not owned by someone else (especially competition).

  4. How much does the registration process last?

    By using REGica.NET not longer than 5 minutes. All you need is enough funds on your balance.

  5. If the domain is taken, how can I find out the current owner?

    By using our WHOIS service on our portal.

  6. Can someone register an already registered domain?

    No! Availability of .hr, .com, .net, .org, .info i .biz domains is checked in a centralized database of domains. Once you successfully register a domain using REGica.NET, you are listed as the owner in the database and the domain is now unavailable for registration.

  7. Who can register .hr domains?

    Legal entities in Croatia and EU can register up to 10 (ten) .hr domains. Associations in Croatia are allowed to register up to 2 .hr domains. One of these domains can be a free domain registered via CARNet which represents the owner's basic virtual identity. Private persons located only in Croatia can own up to 2 .hr domains, one of which can be a .hr paid domain (if the owner has a registered independent activity or freelancing business). Since July 2014 acording to the CARNet Terms of Service, all companies located inside EU are eligible to own up to 10 paid .hr domains.

  8. Who can register .eu domains?

    All private and legal entities located in EU. There's no limit to the number of domains.

  9. I registered my domain. What now?

    There are many ways you can use your Internet domain. You can use it for your personal or business www pages, your e-commerce business or e-mail communication. If you want to place www pages on your domain, you need to set up a hosting service with your hosting or Internet provider. This company will provide you the information about name servers (DNS) which you enter on your domain inside your Regica.NET account. The data will be updated within next 24 to 48 hours.

  10. Why does nothing show up when I enter my domain in the search engine?

    Your domain is NOT your web page. An internet domain is just a name internet users use to acccess your web or e-mail address. Contact a web designer or a hosting provider to have your web page created and placed on an internet server. Once this is done use the name server information they gave you and enter it in your Regica.NET account on your domain. After up to 72 hours, your web page will be publicly visible.

Domain registration and finances

  1. How much does an internet domain cost?

    Please visit our price list page to find the price of your desired domain.

  2. What's the domain registration procedure?

    Fist you have to have enough funds on your balance in your account. Once this is taken care of check the availability of your desired domain in your account and follow the steps until the registration is complete.

  3. A domain I want has now expired but it still isn't available for registration.

    Depending on the domain's registry, there are different rules on domain deletion and its availability. Usually the domain won't be available for re-registration at least 30 days after it expires. The reason for that is the policy of each registry on how long will it keep the domain registered for its current owner.

  4. How do I receive bills for payments I make to Regica?

    REGica.NET invoices are published automatically and sent to your e-mail address as soon as the payment is received. The bills are available in your Billing history in your account as well..

  5. How can I pay for the domain registration?

    Our system is pre-paid based, meaning you first add funds to your Regica.NET account balance which you later use for online domain registration. You can make the payment in one of the following ways:

    1. Credit card payment (MASTERCARD, VISA, AMERICAN, DINERS):

      Log in to your account and enter the "Add Funds" page. Enter the desired amount of payment, sellect "Credit card" at the pull-down menu, fill in the Credit card payment form and once complete, click the Pay button. Credit card payments are done via T-com Pay Way protocol.

      If authorization is successful, funds will instantly be added to your balance.

    2. Money transfer:

      If you are making payments via money transfer, select the option ADD FUNDS in your account, choose "Money transfer" and create a pre-invoice which you can use to make the payment. Once we receive the payment, the funds are added to you account. To speed up the process, please send a proof of payment to our e-mail By making a single payment of at least 134,05 EUR you switch to REG-GOLD user class with better prices than PEG-SILVER.

Domain transfer

  1. What is domain transfer?

    Domain transfer means moving the management of the domain to another Domain Registry.

  2. How long does a domain transfer take?

    Anywhere between 5 and 10 days for commercial domains, and instantly after the transfer has been authorized for .hr and domains.

  3. How much does a domain transfer cost?

    As much as a domain renewal for that TLD would cost.

  4. How do I transfer .com, .net, .org, .biz or .info domains into REGica.NET?

    Please check that there's at least 5 days until expire date (if not, renew it at the current registry). Also check that the domain status in the WHOIS is OK or ACTIVE, otherwise the transfer will fail. In your account at Regica.NET, please click the "Domain transfer" link and enter the following information:

    1. domain name;
    2. EPP auth code you can receive from the current registry of the domain;
    3. the new domain registrant.

    Once you receive the message that the transfer is initiate, the domain registrant and administrator (as listed in the WHOIS) will receive an e-mail from CORE, the Registry Regica.NET is a member, to confirm the transfer. After that e-mail, the old registry will send a similar message inquiring you if you want to forbid the registry.

  5. How do I transfer an .hr or domain into REGica.NET? and paid .hr domains are unlocked on the current authorized .hr Registry.

    Unlocking of free .hr domains:

    1. On the link use CARNet's web form, enter the domain name and proceed.
    2. Have the authorization link sent to an e-mail you can access. Check the current e-mails for that domain using
    3. You will receive the authorization link at your e-mail. Remove the check on „Zaključano za prijenos na drugog registrara“.
    4. Click the link "Domains transfer" and initiate the domain transfer.

    Once the system has confirmed the transfer has been initiated, the domain owner will receive an e-mail from CARNet with the transfer confirmation link. As soon as the transfer has been confirmed with that link, the domain will have been moved to Regica.NET.

  6. How do I transfer a .com, .net, .org, .biz or .info domain away from REGica.NET?

    Unlock the domain you want to transfer away by clicking on it at the "My domains" menu, and request the auth-code. Once the domain is unlocked you can initiate the transfer on another Registry.

    You'll receive the transfer authorization links on your e-mail. If you want the transfer to go through, confirm it using the directions in the e-mail.

  7. How do I transfer an .hr or domain away from REGica.NET?

    Unlock the domain you want to transfer away by clicking on it at the "My domains" menu. Once the domain is unlocked you can initiate the transfer on another Registry.

  8. Why has the transfer failed?

    Depending on the TLD, a transfer can fail because of several reasons:

    1. domain has expired,
    2. domain is locked for transfer at the current registry,
    3. domain is registered no sooner than 60 days ago 60 dana,
    4. owner details do not match.

Domain renewal

  1. How can I renew the domain?

    Click on the "My Domains" option on "My Regica" menu andd choose the domain you want to renew. Click on the desired renewal period and then select the "Renew" button.

  2. How much does domain renewal cost?

    Depends on the domain. Please consult our price list for the accurate and up to date renewal prices.

  3. How long does the domain renewal process take?

    Several minutes.

  4. My domain has expired. I renewed it but my web still isn't active. Why

    To reactivate a previously expired domain, it takes up to 6 hours. That's why it's highly recommended to renew the domain on time.

  5. How long after the domain has expired can I renew it?

    Up to 25 days.

  6. Can I transfer an expired domain?

    Usually no, it has to be renewed at the current Registry first. However, to be sure, feel free to contact us.

SSL Certificates

  1. What is an SSL certificate?

    SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a cyber-security protocol that digitally encrypts information sent from a browser to a server. SSL certificates are used to protect sensitive information such as credit card numbers, usernames, passwords, email addresses, and more. A website with an SSL certificate is identified by a number of trust indicators, such as "https" and the padlock icon on the browser bar, a site seal from a reputable Certificate Authority (CA) and a green bar that wraps around the URL.

  2. What types of SSL certificates are available on REGica.NET?

    On REGica.NET it is possible to buy Domain Validated (DV) certificates, Extended Validation (EV) certificates, Wildcard SSL certificates which come in DV or EV form, Organization Validated (OV) certificates and Multi-domain certificates (SAN, Secure Alternate Name).

  3. What is a Domain Validated (DV) certificate?

    A quick and easy way to secure a domain because the Certificate Authority (CA) only requires verification that the recipient actually owns the domain they wish to cover. It is recommended for websites where visitor trust is not of high importance and information such as usernames, passwords or credit card information is not required.

  4. What is an Extended Validation (EV) certificate?

    It is the most premium type of SSL certificate available. These certificates are identified on websites mainly by the green address bar, the most commonly recognized symbol of trust on the web. The use of EV certificates is becoming more common especially among e-commerce websites, and they are used by some of the most trusted websites in the world. These certificates are issued exclusively to companies and require a thorough vetting process before being issued.

  5. What are Wildcard SSL certificates?

    Wildcard SSL certificates can cover one main domain name ( and an unlimited number of subdomains (,,, etc.). They come in DV or EV format. The CSR for the Wildcard certificate is created in the form *

  6. What is a Organization Validated (OV) certificate?

    These certificates are a nice middle-ground between DV and EV certificates, as they aren't as expensive as EV options but still offer more SSL and trust indications than basic DV options. These certificates typically take between 2-3 days to be issued, and require a light vetting process by the Certificate Authority (CA) before being issued.

  7. What are multidomain certificates (SANs)?

    Certificates that can cover multiple domain names on just one certificate. For example, Multi-domain Symantec, Thawte and Comodo certificates can cover up to 250 domains with just one SSL certificate. Multi-domain GeoTrust certificates can cover 25 to 250 domains, depending on the type of certificate you purchase.

  8. Which certificates allow the protection of www subdomains and primary domains at the same time?

    All certificates offered on Regica.NET enable simultaneous protection of the primary domain and www subdomain. For example, if you buy a certificate for the certificate also covers communication on the primary domain Certificates for other subdomains will not secure the primary domain. For example, if you buy a certificate for it protects only the test subdomain.

  9. What is the duration of the certificate?

    All certificates offered on REGica.NET can be purchased exclusively for 1 year. Before the certificate expires, it is possible to start the renewal process for an additional 1 year. Certificate expiration notification will be sent to your administrator contact.

  10. I want to buy a certificate on REGica.NET, what do I need?

    To purchase an SSL certificate, you need a user account on REGica.NET, secured funds on the account balance and CSR (Certificate Signing Request) of the domain server.

  11. What are the security components of an SSL certificate?

    Security components include CSR, private key (* .key), certificate (* .crt), and Certificate Authority’s certificate (* .ca-crt).

  12. What is CSR and where is it made?

    A CSR (Certificate Signing Request) is a short encrypted text record that contains information about the owner and name of a domain/subdomain that is covered by an SSL certificate and is generated exclusively on its server. Access to the administration of the hosting service is required to create a CSR. CSR is not tied to the registry or DNS servers of the domain, but to the server on which the domain resides.

  13. What is a private key?

    A private key is a separate file used to encrypt/decrypt data sent between your server and connecting clients. The private key is generated within the administration of your server. You must never share your private key with anyone, and we will never ask you for it.

  14. What is a Certificate Authority (CA)?

    A Certificate Authority (CA) is a company that actually issues SSL certificates. For example, Symantec, Thawte, GeoTrust, RapidSSL and Comodo are all CAs.

  15. How do I verify domain ownership?

    For domain validated certificates, confirmation of domain ownership can be done by adding an record in the domain's DNS zone, by uploading a file to the host domain's server, or via e-mail. Vetting process for extended validation certificates will also include a telephone call from the Certificate Authority (CA).

  16. What is in the .ZIP certificate file?

    Inside the .ZIP file there are certificates in .CRT format and in .TXT format. The certificate for your domain is identical to the domain name (e.g. or www.yourdomain.txt), and it is accompanied by My_CA_Bundle.crt or My_CA_Bundle.txt, a CA certificate that must also be set on Your server.

  17. When can I renew my certificate?

    Renewal of an existing certificate can be initiated no earlier than 30 days before the expiration date. The renewal takes into account the current certificate expiration date regardless of when the certificate is renewed within the allowed period.

  18. I want to extend the certificate, do I need a new CSR?

    To renew an existing certificate, if you haven’t changed the server, it is possible to use the old CSR, but we do not recommend this practice. Using an old CSR means that you will be keeping the old private key which is not good for security.

  19. I want to change the server, can I use an existing certificate?

    If you change the server the easiest, best and primarily the most secure option is to create a new certificate.

  20. Can I cancel the purchase of a certificate?

    The certificate can be canceled 30 days after purchase.

  21. How can I verify that the certificate is set correctly?

    To check whether your certificate is set correctly use your web browser, usually by clicking on the padlock icon in the browser bar or through a free web service. All you need to do is type "SSL Checker Tool" into your search engine and access one of the links provided.

  22. The certificate has been purchased, but there is no notification that it is ready for use?

    Make an additional check that you have done everything in accordance with the instructions for verifying domain ownership. If the certificate is not ready within 1 hour after the scheduled verification, be sure to contact us.

Regica.NET web administration

  1. I lost my account password. How can I reset it?

    Use the "Forgot your password?" option on our home page.

  2. How can I change owner details for a domain?

    Click the domain name for which you want to update the name servers in the My Domain list in your account. Once you open the domain page, locate the "Change contact" option and choose the new contact. If the new contact isn't in the list, create it first using the "My Regica" option "New contact". .hr domains can't change owners, and the "Change contact" option isn't available there.

  3. How can I change the admin contact for a domain?

    Click the domain name you want to transfer in the My Domain list in your account. Once you open the domain page, locate the "Move to another account" part, enter the E-mail of the account you're moving the domain to, and click the "Move to account" button.

    This also means the domain will be shifted to another account and you'll no longer be able to manage it in your account.

  4. Can I change my user details on my own?

    You can update all of your user details except your handle e-mail address. Use the option "User details" in "My Regica" menu. These are the details of the owner of the account. They are also used for creating invoices.

    To change the log in e-mail, please send the request to or by fax to +385 1 6000961. For a private person, please provide a scan of your ID card, and for legal entities please have the request stamped and signed.

  5. How do I update name servers for a domain?

    Click the domain name for which you want to update the name servers in the My Domain list in your account. Once you open the domain page, locate the "DNS servers" part and enter your new name servers. If you want to set the default name servers for all your future registered domains by using the "Name servers" option in "My Regica" menu.

  6. I updated the name servers for a domain (DNS). Why aren't the changes active yet?

    The changes will be active after 24 to 72 hours. Reload of WHOIS i ROOT servers is done once per day.

  7. How can I view WHOIS data for a domain?

    Click WHOIS and enter the domain name you are inquiring about.

  8. How can I move a domain to another account on Regica.NET?

    Click the domain name you want to transfer in the My Domain list in your account. Once you open the domain page, locate the "Move to another account" part, enter the E-mail of the account you're moving the domain to, and click the "Move to account" button.